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* Immigration

Tools, resources, government documents, and forms. For more information, please visit:

* VAWA Self-Petition and Cancellation

Contains training materials and tools, case law, legislative history, government memoranda factsheets, and regulations.


* U-visa

Contains U-Visa statutes, legislative history, U-visa regulations, government memoranda factsheets, forms, and training materials and tools.


* Introduction to Immigration Relief for Immigrant Victims

Includes a glossary of immigration terms and chapters providing an overview of immigration options for immigrant victims of domsetic violence and sexual assault.


* Human Trafficking

Legislative history, regulations, trafficking statutes, tools, government memoranda and factsheets, forms, and information on temporary status for victims of human trafficking.


* Enforcement, Detention and Criminal Justice

Contains information on navigating the criminal and civil justice systems, government memoranda and factsheets, forms, legislative history, and relevant regulations.


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