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* Family Law

* Immigration Status in Family Court

What should I do if the opposing party raises my client's undocumented status in family law court as a way to argue jurisdiction?


* Immigration Status in Custody Cases

What should I do if the opposing party raises immigration status as a factor in custody in family law court?


* Family Court and Immigration Enforcement

What should I do if the judge in a family law case is threatening to call Department of Homeland Security (DHS) because my client is undocumented or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) comes to apprehend an undocumented immigrant in family law court?


* Affidavit of Support

Can I enforce an affidavit of support from an immigration case in a spousal support action?


* Timing of Family Law Case

My client's legal case involves both a family law case and an immigration law case. Which one should I file first?


* Creative Protective Orders

What creative protection order remedies should be included in protection orders for immigrant victims?


* Traveling with Children

My immigrant client is divorced/separated from her husband and wants to take her child(ren) to a foreign country. What does she need to do to travel with her children?


* Child Abduction

My client's abuser has disappeared with her children, either to another state or another country. What should I do?


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