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* Public Benefits

* Definition of a Qualified Immigrant

What does it mean to be a "qualified immigrant" and how do I know if my client is considered to be a "qualified immigrant"?


* Federal Benefits Eligibility

If my client is a qualified immigrant, for what federal public benefits is my client eligible?


* Federal Financial Aid

I have a client who wants to apply for federal financial aid. Who is eligible for post-secondary financial aid? What options are available for those not eligible for post-secondary financial aid, for example U-visa holders?


5 Year Bar

What is the 5 year bar and how do I know if it applies to my client?


* State Public Benefits

Are qualified immigrants eligible for any state benefits during the time in which the 5 year bar is imposed against them for federal benefits?


* Benefits Available to All

For what benefits and services are all immigrants eligible, regardless of immigration status?


* Domestic Violence Shelters Housing Undocumented Immigrants

The local domestic violence shelter advocates in my community that their funding restricts them from sheltering undocumented immigrants. Is this correct?


* Applying Without a Social Security Number

What if applying for a benefit requires a Social Security Number (SSN) and my client either does not have one or is using a false SSN?


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