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* Public Benefits

Tools, practice materials, information, resources and government documents

* Unrestricted Benefits

This section discusses benefits available to immigrant crime victims regardless of immigration status.


* Benefits for Qualified Immigrants

This folder contains various materials on benefits which some immigrants are eligible for based on their immigration status. This includes relevant government memos, special programs for some immigrants, and relevant manual excerpts.


* State Benefits

These materials discuss state benefits programs and implementation, for TANF, food assistance, SSI, health care, and obtaining a state ID.


* Education/Financial Aid

These materials contain relevant Code excerpts on student grants and loans eligibility. There are also tips on filling out the FAFSA as an immigrant and information from ICE on access to post-secondary education.


* Housing

Here advocates can find excerpts of the Housing Act. HUD has also published a handbook, follow-up letter, and other materials on housing for immigrant victims. There are also materials on access to transitional housing for immigrant crime victims.


* Social Security Numbers

These materials provide guidance on SSA policy and evidentiary requirements for obtaining a SSN under various circumstances.


* Public Charge

DHS guidance on public charges and receipt of public benefits.


* Public Benefits Statutes

Contains: 8 USC 1641- Statute Restricting Welfare and Public Benefits for Immigrants; 8 USC 1631- Sponsor Deeming; 8 USC 1612- Qualified Immigrants.


* Memoranda and Tools for Advocates

These helpful tools include an evidence checklist for women seeking public benefits. There is also a flowchart and more detailed information for VAWA public benefits, U-visa, and T-visa/ trafficking victims.


* Health Care

Excerpts from manuals and explanatory charts provide a state-by-state breakdown of immigrant access to healthcare programs, including medicaid, pre-natal care, on state healthcare exchanges.


* Policy Guidance Regarding Inquiries into Citizenship, Immigration Status and Social Security, Numbers in State Applications for Medicaid, SCHIP,Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), & Food Stamp Benefits

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. These documents provide important information that includes rules government inquiries into immigration status and social security numbers when immigrant parents are applying for public benefits on behalf of their U.S. citizen children


* Public Benefits Tool Kit

This vast tool kit contains information on immigrant crime victims' legal rights to services and public benefits. Chapters are broken down by visa/ immigration status as well as by benefit. This also features a comparison of benefits by state as well. The final chapter includes government documents relevant to access public benefits and services for immigrant crime victims.


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