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* NIWAP: Additional Resources

The National Immigrant Women's Advocacy Project, American University, Washington College of Law offers this resource library to train and assist advocates, attorneys, government officials, researchers, media and others working with and interested in the legal rights and options for immigrant women, including mmigrant victims of violence against women. This section of NIWAP's web library contains materials developed a wide range of national experts, including NIWAP. Users will find a wealth of research publications, fact sheets, and data on immigrant women and children. This portion of the library also contains training materials, law review articles, tool kits, government publications, and fact sheets on a range of topics relevant to work with, advocacy for and public policy that effects immigrant women and immigrnat victims of violence against women.

Folder * Training Powerpoints and Materials
Folder * Community of Practice (COP) Materials
This folder contains PDFs of an Overview of the Community of Practice, an Invitation letter, and the Registration form.
Folder * NIWAP Immigration
tools, resources, government documents, forms, and research
Folder * VAWA Statutes, Legislative History, Reports
Statutes and Legislative History of the Violence Against Women Act, Reports, Hearings, Congressional Record, and Congressional Research Service Reports. This Section also covers statutes and legislative history for the Trafficking Victim's Protection Act and the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act. Sections of other legislation with sections affecting VAWA and TVPA are also included. This section also includes reports and reports to Congress related to VAWA.
Folder * Materials For Adjudicators and Judges
This folder contains training materials on Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) cancelation of removal, VAWA suspension of deportation, VAWA self-petitioning, U-visa, T-visa and other forms of immigration relief developed by Congress to offer protection to immigrant victims of domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking and other crimes covered by the U-visa. Adjudicators will find reports, legal research, social science data and legislative history on VAWA and an analysis of conflicts between VAWA statutes, regulations and implementation policies. State Family, Civil and Criminal court judges will find here information DHS immigration enforcement policies, special immigration protections developed to protect and offer relief for immigrant crime victims, U-visa certification, family law and immigrant crime victim survivors, and guides on benefits access for non-citizens.
Folder * Tools for Advocates Assisting Immigrant Crime Victims in Immigration Cases
Folder * NIWAP Family Law for Immigrants
Practice materials, resources, and information on the intersection of family and immigration law and the impact on women, children, and victims
Folder * Access to Legal Services for Immigrant Victims
Folder * NIWAP Public Benefits
tools, practice materials, information, resources, government documents, and research
Folder * NIWAP VAWA and State Confidentiality Laws: Protections for Immigrant Victims
statutes, legislative history, regulations, government documents, case law, and practice materials
Folder * NIWAP Language Access
Federal and state language access laws, language identification tools, and guidance on working with interpreters
Folder * NIWAP Cultural Competency
dynamics of violence against immigrant women, legal services, employment rights, research reports, and information for state grant administrators
Folder * Research Reports, Resource Manuals, Amicus Briefs and Data
Domestic violence, sexual assault, and other research publications
Folder * Civil Legal Assistance
Folder * State-Based Advocacy
Materials to assist state-based policy advocacy for immigrant survivors.
Folder * Immigrant Women Law and Policy Seminar
Folder * State by State Immigrant Demographics
Folder * NIWAP Newsletter
Folder Community of Practice
Training materials shared in the community of practice
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