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* VAWA Confidentiality

Statutes, legislative history, regulations, government documents, case law, and practice materials

* VAWA Confidentiality Statutes

See: 8 USC 1229, 8 USC 1367, and excerpts from VAWA 2005 and VAWA 2013.


* Case Law

Contains information on Hawke, including the court ruling and a factsheet explaining the case background. There are also suggestions on using the case law in state courts to ensure VAWA confidentiality is maintained.


* Government Memoranda and Factsheets

This contain guidance from DHS and ICE on VAWA confidentiality.


* Legislative History

Contains the House legislative history of VAWA confidentiality and testimony by Rep. John Conyers of Michigan.


* Sample Motions

Includes a sample VAWA confidentiality protective order, motion in limine, amicus brief in criminal cases, and opposing discovery.


* Training Materials and Tools

VAWA Confidentiality and State Confidentiality Statutes in cases of immigrant vicitms


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